Simple is sexy again….

In their book “Love People, Use Things”, and

I have read several articles on living small, mini-homes, being frugal and leaving a low carbon footprint. Eveything from Dave Ramsey to the Holy Scripture values Simplicity. 

This was my actual pocket gear and it doesn’t speak of simplicity.  I never left the house without these items and is a symptom of my relying on my stuff. Do I really NEED them?

The letter to the Thessalonians speaks strongly. “…make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you” (1 Thessalonians 4:11)  Commanding it is fine but why not do it because it make for a simpler stronger faith and healthy living.

A wealthy entrepreneur divested all that he owned except for 15 things.  He lived with AirBNB, Uber and ” a duffel bag that includes a “laptop, iPad, three sets of chinos, three T-shirts and a Ziploc bag filled with $4,000 worth of $2 bills.”.  That’s 10 of them. ( He asks this question, what would you put in your bag if you had to carry everything you own. 

Obviously this isn’t practical for most of us but the point is made; living simply means that your stuff works for you rather than you working for your stuff.  The question is a good one-what would you pack in your bag? 

1. A great backpack 2.wallet with all credentials and access codes. 3. Phone and charger.  4. A sturdy knife 5. 2-blue jeans 6. 3 plain button up shirts 7. Sturdy Lace up up boots 8. Athletic shoes. 9. Cash 10.  Ruger and ammo 11. The Big leatherman. And finally but firstly Faith.  

May sound corny to some. I have a bible on my phone and keep other emblems of faith handy. But a light weight double portion of faith, with the connections, strength and attitude that God gives is the most essential gear. How sad life would be if we only relied on our stuff. 

Less mechanical gear creates more space for the spiritual. This is where confident living begins.  Simplify…

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