Cheatham Memorial UMC October Sermons!

Edit October’s theme is “The First Faith” and the image is a carpenter’s clamp and the concept is binding ourselves to Christ.  The first faith is in Christ!  The first disciple that must be confronted with the gospel is  

October 2, 20th Sunday of PentecostHoly Communion Sunday!!!!

Matthew 6: Binding through priorities

What is your first thought in the morning?  What will be your first accomplishment of the day?   Whether fitness, coffee, kids or faith, how you start leads  you where you will end up!

October 9, 2016: 21st Sunday of Pentecost,

Luke 17:11-19, Binding in Christ through Praise

We are living proof of faith and strengthen our “Binding in Christ” when we live out the discipline of PRAISE!  Even if the rest of our world is griping and grumbling, we grow in faith when we praise.  Sometimes that just means we are going to praise anyway!

October 16, 2016: 22nd Sunday of Pentecost

2 Timothy 3:10-4:7, Binding in Christ through persistence

The call to faith requires that we tie a knot at the end of our rope and hang on sometimes.  Our personal growth in Christ will lead us through some dry times and struggles.  With faith and living IN faith, we will have the strength of Christ to carry us through.  How can we intentionally cultivate that?

October 23, 2016: 23rd Sunday of Pentecost

2 Timothy 4:6-8. 16-18, Binding in Christ through Worship

Worship is not an hour on Sunday, it is a lifestyle.  Pouring ourselves into life, and participating intentionally in the everyday life of Christ while we pour is exciting and fulfilling.  We must have a ready defense-FAITH-and grow in our Binding to Christ as we exercise our faith in the everyday.  What does that look like?

 October 30, 2016:  24th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 19:1-10: Binding in Christ through Contentment.

There is only one thing to be chronically discontented about-Our spiritual health.  There is always another step of growth in faith.  In the rest of life though, Discontentment leads us to sin, addiction and all sorts of spiritual, physical and relational health problems!

Coming Events:  All Saint’s Sunday on November 6. Charge Conference November 13! Halloween on the square TBA, Fall Festival on October 14 and a celebration of our fund raiser on October 15, Tradition’s Workshop with George Brookover, FIFTH SUNDAY DINNER ON THE 30TH.

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