Honest Joe! August 2017 Worship together!

honest joe source slide in jpgThis month’s series looks at the life of faith through the lens of Joseph, son of Israel/Jacob. He was the pampered youngest son of a family that put the fun in dis-functional. We will explore four answers to the questions we have about faith in real life and in real time. Joseph’s story is an important cross road in both Jewish and Christian history. Join me in studying through his story! Joseph is more than a colorful coat!


Come join us in person.  Check out our Cheatham Memorial UMC Website for info at www.cheathamumc.net. You can also study the weekly readings at home and at your own pace.  The readings are only -2 pages per day!  A full study guide is posted on this blog or can get one at church.

August 6, 2017: Genesis 37:12-28 “Faith is a Journey” Read Genesis 37-39
Joseph’s heritage is one of anger, jealousy, and antagonism. He is wronged to the point of death and yet God uses this situation to begin a mission to save the entire Hebrew race. God’s unseen hand is alive in this story and in us.  What is God doing in us when we hit tough times and just is not our fault?


August 13, 2017: 39:1-23 “Life Can Be a Dream”  Read Genesis 40-42
Doing right cannot leave you wrong. Joseph did right before his boss and his God. God’s unseen hand used this awkward situation to lead Joseph to a place of influence and prosperity. Where is God leading you through difficult choices? How do you know that God is with you?


August 20, 2017: Genesis 45:1-18 Forgiveness  Read Genesis 43-46
The life of faith is not a straight line. There are twists, turns, retreat and victory. Yet, God always wins. In each victory is a new beginning and a new set of possibilities. Forgiveness is where all of our journeys with God begin. Either we are forgiven, we forgive ourselves or forgiveness goes to others.  How can you and I forgive something so horrible?


August 27, 2017: Genesis 50:22 to Exodus 1:8-14 “Faith Gives Birth to Faith” Read Genesis 47-50
The end of Joseph’s life was not the end of his faith journey. His story lived on in both Jewish and Egyptian history. Messiah would still come through the uncertain and often pain-filled life of the chosen people. The baton of salvation will now pass to a peasant infant named Moses who would have a wonderful life of his own.  What is our next transition of faith?  Where will God be taking us?

Welcome Home

Cheatham Memorial UMC-Edgewood Texas



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