So this Holy Week thing?  How does it work?

Simply put Holy Week is a collection of scriptures that lead you to Easter.  God will lead you to your own breakthrough as you search them. How does this work?   There is no single right way.  Search these scriptures at your own pace and find yourself in them. Here is a help. 

Bible gateway dot com ( click here for that site) has assembled an infographic drawn from these scriptures to help us visualize our personal journey and have given permission to use it it worship. I have followed this route for my journey this year. 

In this article they also have a link to the 2015 Newsweek issue where this came from.  There is also a reference to the 2015 series AD produced by Roma Downing and Mark Burnett. 

A series of books has come from that mini-series that I find very interesting and helpful.  I understand that this show is coming soon to another cable network.  A series of books has also emerged from it.    I am currently reading “David Jeremiah’s “A.D. The Bible Continues : The Revolution That Changed the World” which follows this series. It is an excellent devotional read. 

God’s richest blessing to your Holy Week!  May Jesus come alive through his Word for you. 

Pastor Alan

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