What’s Your Plan?

You and I both have plans made to accomplish certain things.  Without planning, a plan can get dumped on us,  usually with negative Consequences. 

I have a maintenance plan for the car, a bug spray plan for the parsonage, a worship plan for work, a retirement plan for later years, a fitness plan for my health, a continuing education plan for my mind, a grocery list for our meals and a thousand other plans that don’t get written down. Now wait…what’s missing? A spiritual needs maybe?

Nurturing our faith in Christ needs a plan.  Stop for a moment!  Shouldn’t our connection with God get as much attention as the pest control of our homes?  

This post comes as we begin the season of advent, a Perfect time to pause  and ask God for direction as we push back the panic of Christmas for a moment and seek the Christ. Here are my goals as an example and a way of being held accountable to them. 

Service isn’t always public and is usually fun!

My goals for this season: 1-To be and become a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ. 2- To have fewer activities with more impact and Christ centeredness. I will accomplish these through this year through study, service, retreating, journaling and worship. I have an accountability partner and a coach…and a majestic savior, Jesus, to walk with me. 

Here is the plan for planning…..

  • Planning begins with and is undergirded byprayer-this can’t just be my good ideas. 
  • Don’t over-plan and do allow for God’s surprises! There is a rigid flexibility and simplicity to a plan. 
  • A plan is balanced with nurture of mind, body and soul-including relationships, family, church, work and rest
  • There is a focus. Here, the books above reflect diversity of topics but focus on learning how to adapt to change without losing my Christian integrity. What is your focus?
  • Scripture and prayer engaged in many different ways are essential. 
  • Finally, life-planning begins and ends with our relationship with Christ. That needs Our needs and keep us a sensitive witness for the needs of others. 

Plan for God to pour his spirit into you spiritual growth plans!

What’s your plan. Start with a quiet prayer and a single step….now.  God will meet you there. 

Connect with your church or check out our congregation in Edgewood Texas at Cheathamumc.net

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