So You Know, the presidential election is over…

(Bloggers note: this was originally posted in 2016 and is still relevant in 2022!)
I am a Christian, an American and I voted.  My vote was a prayer of sorts.  You either voted my way or the other way.  Either way, it is over and it is time for all of us to get back to the business of being good citizens.  Here are some thoughts from this very divisive and often silly election season.
1. How I voted is my business.  I seldom talk about politics beyond a close and diverse circle of friends.  Why?  I don’t want to be unfairly labeled, my decisions are often seen as the endorsement of the church and telling people what to do has a very limited impact. I have strong opinions and I don’t feel duty bound to argue with you.  I feel betrayed by both major parties and will never allow a bumper stick or party association to be added to my name.  Even the registered write in’s had their problems.   You have insight?  I’m listening.  You have the tired bile of the media or the folks at the coffee shop?  I am not interested.
2. Public opinion, from whatever source, is not the same as information. Most political presentations are emotional rather than factual.  You have to work to truly get real, unvarnished information about a candidate or an issue. DIG beyond the newsfeeds!   It is worth the time.  It is worth the effort, and it will not be found on Facebook or in a tweet.
3. The president is not the country. Influential, certainly but We are US citizens together-Your president got elected, just like last time, regardless of how you voted.  How sad that some vote to WIN rather than TRANSFORM.  Whether your candidate won or lost-IT WASN’T PERSONAL.  Stand and stay for your conviction and express yourself to your elected officials but do it as an AMERICAN.
4. Our Culture did not change due to the election.  By and large, we woke up in the same culture Wednesday as we did on Tuesday.  We still have to work on our personal transformation, at raising kids, building ministries, growing businesses and moving our nation forward,  regardless of who is in the White House.  Giving a living witness to your faith and convictions is positive and transformative.  Shouting your feelings removes your credibility and closes the ears of the receiver.
5. God is still Almighty and Faith is fundamental to our citizenship.  Singing “God Bless America” is not enough.  Our nation needs a strong,  active, scripturally guided and Spirit led Christian Church.  Praying for our nation is a patriotic act and challenging those things that are wrong, our duty.
Lord, Hear my Prayer…..
“Almighty God, We bow before you and beg for a blessing on our vast and diverse nation.  We are a country by you grace and founded on your principles.  Shine a light on any darkness and raise up your Church to work by faith in your name, the strong and victorious name of Jesus Christ.  Amen”
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