Our August 2016 Prayer Challenge

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16

compass of faith

Our Texas Annual Conference offers a “Wellness Program” with a structured exercise program through our health insurance.    Each week or so we are offered a motivational “challenge” that expands “Wellness” beyond exercise and weight loss.  The current challenge is “to journal a prayer daily”.  How wonderful to remember that our spiritual side is a crucial part of being healthy people.

So here is your challenge.  Write at least one brief prayer each week and post it in a comment at the bottom of this post.  Post as many as you wish!

Check in often and pray through the prayers of others who post.  This could be a part of your personal well and a jump-start to a richer prayer life.

Below is a worksheet that I use in classes and for writing group prayers in strategic planning.  If you are not sure how to form your written prayer, this provides a starting place.

As for me…..  I am going to write 100 brief prayers of this style in August!  Each time the Spirit moves, I am carrying a blank notebook to write them down.  Please join me and share how Jesus is touching your heart in prayer.

collect worksheet for individual prayer in gif


12 thoughts on “Our August 2016 Prayer Challenge

  1. God of order and majesty, your creation is in order and surrounds the chaos that swirls around us. Open our eyes to you as we look for the news in the many media open to us. Take the fear and uncertainty away. Replace the randomness of our own design with the grace given to us through Jesus. It is your will that we live in Joy and not just exist without your comfort. It is all for Christ we pray. Amen


  2. God of glorious provision, you alone provide for our deepest needs.
    Be the light in the darkness for those in crises. Conquer it Whether that darkness is around their houses or around their heart. If one in our town suffers, we all suffer. Jesus save us. We pray in your unconquerable hope. Amen


  3. Day 2: Praying a Psalm. You have wonderful prayers in scripture to use. Make them personal. ( From Psalm 50 )

    My God who seeks me out wherever I am. “You are my God who comes and does not keep silence, before you is a devouring fire, and a mighty tempest all around. You call to the heavens above and to the earth, that you may judge: Gather me with your faithful ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice! The heavens declare your righteousness, for You alone God, are my judge.” I pray boldly to you in the Grace and name of Jesus Christ. Amen


  4. Day 3: How can the media news be a guide to prayer?

    Our God of truth,guard our ears and hearts and guide us to your truth through the various media of news. Lift out hearts above the noise and agenda that bombard us. Use the news to open me and us up to the many needs of our land right now. Jesus, only you can keep this straight with all of the competing emotions and lies and truths all tangled together. Right now I lift up this one thing for your healing_______________. Hear our prayer in the hope filled name of Jesus. Amen.


  5. Prayer challenge day 4: the challenge of writing down a prayer first this is becoming a welcome habit.

    My God, the father who provides, thank you luxury of job,time, love and breakfast. You are my peace. May we recognize you in these luxuries when not in a crisis. Give us enough peace to share and the will to share your wealth. You are my savior in this quiet morning. All for Christ. Amen


  6. how do we pray for something that just won’t fix?: Jesus in you I am enough, even when there is no repair and hope is lost. Grow larger and brighter during the impossible situations. This is where your grace save and my witness takes wings. Jesus in you I am enough


  7. Prayer challenge day 7: lamentations 3, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;his mercies never come to an end they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.”

    God of renewal, meet us at our calendar age with your timelessness through your eternally young mercy. Give us a youthful spirit as we worship you! Jesus save us to the excitement of eternal life in you. It is all for Christ we pray. Amen!


  8. Prayer challenge Day 8: I have written 25 spontaneous prayers and have a goal of 100….I woke up this morning and just didn’t want to…writing can work you through a dry time. Here goes.

    Lord God of the dry times and the rich times alike. I am spiritually tired and need you. I want you but just can’t strike enough fire to pray. Love me anyway. Lead me always. And awaken me to the rich present moment you have for me that I am too numb to see. I trust that this won’t last and you are eternal. In the living name of Jesus. Amen.


  9. Prayer challenge day 10: God of life and living, you are the only one we can cling to in the uncertainty of dead. Thank you for walking with us as we faced our loss of one we love. We trust that you have conquered death for her and healed her to th uttermost. We who remain trus you to give us that same victory in our our lives. You are the source of faith and we walk confidently in your gift of eternity. We pray in the unstoppable name of Jesus. Amen


  10. Prayer challenge day 13 and prayer number 30. Lost a little discipline and got behind! The lesson here is to keep these genuine and writ 100. Here is one for tomorrow’s worship!

    God of Faith, you are our ground and goal. Soften and prepare my heart for worship tomorrow We will gather for you with faith and by the faith that is from you and waiting to amaze anyone waiting for you in worship. Bless all who dare to open their hearts to you. You will be faithful in meeting us as we see you in the faces of your people. It is all for Christ we pray. Amen.


  11. Prayer challenge,day 14, prayer 35 for a Sunday at sunrise: The only true God, God of this quiet Sunday morning. You are the peace and you are the pathway. Wake up your church with your prayer of this sunrise. Replace our worry and hurry with peace. Help us to seek you as frrociously as you seek us. We stand in amazement in the name of Jesus, amen


  12. August prayer challenge day 22: God our father, Lord of new beginnings, you are the other hand our students will hold on this first day of school. Walk with Edgewood ISD’s faculty,staff, 1026+students and parents into the anticipation and unknown of today. Prepare the friends to meet everyone and turn the stomach butterflys into a desire to really learn. Make everything a lesson of hope and possibility for us all. You are the great educator! Itis all for Christ. Amen


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