The movie Risen!

Mary Magdalene to the Roman Tribune given the task of finding the corpse of Jesus….”open your heart that you might see…you look for the wrong thing.”

The movie “Risen” is beautifully photographed and a well told story. It is not a Bible study. It shows respect for scripture and doesn’t overplay them for the most part either. It displays the brutality of people and their faith which is both fragile powerful at the same time. This faith was a grave danger to The culture of the day. It is the story of a soldier’s journey of faith as he witnessed the birth of the Church. And so it is with us.

“Risen” is thought provoking and well worth the price of admission. Especially if Jim Hayes buys the tickets! May my words be the words of this Roman, “I believe, I can never be the same”

Risen’s official site

Postscript:  suddenly there are a bunch of faith based and Bible story based movies.  Supporting them is how we get more family friendly and grace filled movies.   I pray this is a sign that people are searching and we do need to support them.      At least it is an opportunity for dialogue about Jesus.  Check out Miracles from Heaven, God’s Not Dead 2, and the Young Messiah.

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