Fasting; oh come on, who does that…..

People who want to clear the spiritual clutter and center in God.  It is a practice that predates our Bible and is present in all of the world religions.  It is still valid for the spiritual seeker. 

Tonight our news is full of reporting on yet another senseless mass shooting.  One more in this epidemic of violence.  

Our church is invited to a solemn assembly tomorrow.   Some will come to church and pray while others will pray where the go through their daily lives.  Some will fast and some won’t. I pray that all will seek healing for self, church, and nation. This language comes from Joel chapter 1, at a time of extraordinary crisis.  Edit

14 Consecrate a fast,Proclaim a solemn assembly; Gather the elders And all the inhabitants of the landTo the house of the Lord your God, And cry out to the Lord”

So what is it: ( taken Richard J Foster’s “celebration of Discipline” an excellent read). 

Fasting is Abstaining From all or part of food but not water for the purpose of centering on God in prayer for a particular period of time. 

 This is personal, between you and God and must be done with prayer. It is not to get God to do something but to clear your heart to pray!

How do you fast: briefly, Name a period of time, pray specifically and intentionally while you fast and choose what you abstain from.  

Some choose to fast from all food, some allow fruit and juice, some will give up an activity for prayer. others will fast from TV or technology instead of food. Drink lots of water. Pray when your stomach grumbles and pray when it doesn’t. Expect a blessing before you start and God will meet you there. 

If you are diabetic or need food for medicine- don’t fast. Find another way to center on God. 
May God bless you as you reach out at this time of crisis in our land as you reach out to pray. 

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