September’s Sermons!

sermon slides 9-4-15What is God’s Will?  How do I discern it and more important, how do we, the Church, Discern God’s will as a group?  It isn’t as easy as you think and cannot be settled in a 20 minute message.  We are discerning our “Vision Statement” and have proposed God’s “Christ’s Love in Action: Following, Serving, Uniting”.  We will Teach this in worship as a personal skill as well as a church-wide action!  Come and see us at 10:oo worship!

  • September 6: 1 Thessolonians 5:1-22 “How to Pray for a High School Football Game” (Ceaseless Prayer)
  • September 13: John 21:1-19 “They Won’t Know it ‘Til You Show it” (Passion)
  • September 20: Romans 1:1-17 “Me Neither (Motivation)
  • September 27: Exodus 3:1-15 “Tell Them I-Am Sent You” (Direction)
  • October 4: Matthew 28:11-20 “Therefore GO!”  (Purpose)

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