CMUMC Advent and Christmas Sermon Schedule

candlelight-151224-155_0036Cheatham Memorial United Methodist Church in Edgewood Texas meets at 10:00 AM each Sunday.  Check out all of our directions and activities at

December features the holiday theme, “Christmas is a Family Story”.  Our visual will be numerous family pictures and service projects  to “Plug us In” to the real meaning of Christmas. .  We will have many special elements of worship along with the tradition songs and acts that we all cling to.

Pray these prayers with us throughout the week before each of the Sunday services.

November 27, 2016  The First Sunday of ADVENT!  The Sunday of Hope

Matthew 1:18-25  “A Family of Hope”

Hope is born at home when our home is in Christ.  Whether your family is church, community or your house full of “kin”, this is where your faith is formed.  May this church house be a house of hope and a family of childrens-play-151220-154_0111faith for you.

Leader:  Christmas is coming!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our worship on the Sunday of Hope

People:  Almighty God, you are the source of hope that conquers all things. You have rescued us from the dominion of darkness through the light and love of your Son Jesus.  We stand together as a family to worship you.  Thank you for the Hope of all things that came to us on that first Christmas.  In Jesus Name.  AMEN!

 December 4, 2016  The Second Sunday of Advent The Sunday of Christ the Way

Matthew 3:1-12 A Family of Direction

The message of all saint’s is that in Christ, there is always a later.  Jesus gives us answers for the NOW as we place our faith in the eternal later offered to us by faith.

Leader:  Christmas is coming!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our worship on the Sunday of Salvation in Christ the Way!

People:  God of direction and salvation.  Thank you for the Way, truth and life found in your son Jesus. We bless you for the for the kingdom of heaven has come near in a saving faith.  Draw us all close as we celebrate the lifegiving journey of salvation found in you. It is all for Christ we pray, AMEN. 

Angel Tree -151213-L1012628.jpgDecember 11, 2016  The Third Sunday of Advent  The Sunday of Joy

Luke 1:47-55 “A Family of Unutterable Joy”

The Magnificat speaks with bubbles of joy with words that flow out in faith.  Faith bring Joy.  Joy is an evidence of faith?  In a family, faith defeats drama and crafts hearts and minds into life eternal.

Leader:  Christmas is coming!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our worship on the Sunday of Christ our Joy!

People:  God of completeness and Joy!  Thank you for the life of Grace and peace found in your son Jesus.  We raise our voices in praise as we celebrate the Joy that conquers all sadness. Bless us together as a family of faith as we worship you this morning.  In the Joy of Jesus we pray!  AMEN.

December 18, 2016  The Fourth Sunday of Advent  The Sunday of Peace* Includes the Children’s program

Matthew 1:18-25 “The Drama Free Family”

Faith breeds fearlessness.  Without fear, there is no need for drama, pushing and shoving.  All of that is replaced with an environment of Joy filled and God directed Peace.  If you have this, you want more! If you don’t, Faith is the place you start.

Leader:  Christmas is coming!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our worship on the Sunday of Christ our Peace!

People:  God of eternal peace, we greet you as a family to proclaim your Gospel.  You told us that “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”[. Thank you for the Peace Jesus brings.   It is all for you that we assemble to tell the story of your dramatic love for us.  In the Peace of Jesus we pray.  AMEN. 

 December 24, 2016  Christmas Eve 5:00 PM with Candlelight and Holy Communion

This will be a tradition filled service with joy, children and a rich sense of family.  The scripture reading will be from Luke 2:1-20 and speak to the Wonder of the birth of our Savior!

Leader:  Christmas is coming!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our worship this night of the wondrous birth of Jesus!

People:  Lord and God of All.  In your son is our completeness.  We bless you together and praise you for the life in Jesus Christ that began at his birth so long ago.  In Him is our life of purpose her and our eternity forever after.  In the awe filled name of your son JESUS.  AMEN!

December 25, 2016  Christmas Day!!! Lots of Special Music and a Blessing of the Toys.  Each child can bring their favorite gift.  Our prayer will be that it remind them of Jesus all year long!

John 1:1-14 ”The Forever Beginning of a Family”

The story of Christmas is a beginning and not an end.  Advent is over but the Christmas journey is only beginning.  This is the day that the Word becomes bless and walks among us!!!

Leader:  Christmas is HERE!  And Christmas is a family Story, one that we share together.  Join with me as a church family to pray as we begin our Christmas Day worship on this blessed Christmas Morn!

People:  God of Life, God of family.  Draw us close and allow us to see that Christmas is bigger than just gifts and much more than just one day in December.  Draw us close as we strive to remember that every day should be filled with the wonder of CHRISTMAS DAY!


The holiday warm our spirits and gives us permission to hold the things of God close.  You are welcome to join us for Worship, teaching and service projects.  We at

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e a gentle place to visit and an easy family to “Break Into”.  Even if it has been a while, come join us.  We will save you a seat.




November Sermon Topics at CMUMC

background 42Join us at 10:00 AM each Sunday.  For Directions and details, check us out at

November’s theme is “Family-Faith Looks Like…” and begins with a warm celebration at All Saint’s Sunday. Our Christmas theme will carry through Advent, “Christmas is a Family Story”.  We will look at faith through the many examples of “Family” in its many forms.  Let’s define our term.    Family is any intimate connection whether a blood relationship, church friendship or community relationship.  Our visual will be numerous family pictures and faith traditions.

Our family or origin is the most important one, of course, and that family has many different forms.  Faith can bring us together as family , nurturing both body and soul. It is the family that points us to faith in Christ.  Family is the greatest means of Grace!!.

November 6, 2016  All Saint’s Sunday! 

Luke 620-31  “Family Faith looks Like Eternity”

The message of all saint’s is that in Christ, there is always a later.  Jesus gives us answers for the NOW as we place our faith in the eternal later offered to us by faith.

November 13, 2016 26th Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 65:17-25  “Family Faith Looks Like Life”

Participate in your own life.  Some people forget how.  Faith keeps you alive and aware while others are asleep and merely breathing.  Family keeps us in Christ and living.

November 20, 2016  27th Sunday of Pentecost  Christ the King Sunday.  Come for the Karate For Christ service at 10:00!

Colossians 1:11-20 “Family Faith Looks Like Strength”

We are stronger than I can every be.  In Christ our family becomes stronger in relationship and spirit by faith.  This is how we stay warm in the cold parts of life.  Christ is the KING!

November 27, 2016  The First Sunday of ADVENT!  The Sunday of Hope

Matthew 1:18-25  “A Family of Hope”

Hope is born at home when our home is in Christ.  Whether your family is church, community or your house full of “kin”, this is where your faith is formed.  May this church house be a house of hope and a family of faith for you.

We are an easy place to visit, work and grow in Christ.  Even if it has been a while, you will feel welcome and comfortable.  Come worship with us!




Cheatham Memorial September 2016 Worship!

The theme for September is is “A Work in Progress” and the image is the cross.  Yes, we have a cross in every sermon but these four message will give it more weight.  Do our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness flow from the cross of Christ or just adorn our t-shirts?  I am asking this of myself  during quiet time.  What amazing  power the cross has in our everyday living….when we choose to access it.  How do you do that?  Come to worship and see.  We will also explore prayers of blessing and host a two-week short course on prayer, September 15 and 22 at 6:30 PM.  See for details

September 4, 2016: 16th Sunday of Pentecost  Jeremiah 18:1-11   “The Potter’s House

We are all a work in progress.  Even when life is under pressure, faith can build us even if circumstances are trying to get us down.  The greater the pressure, the stronger the earthen vessel.

September 11, 2016: 17th Sunday of Pentecost, remembrance of 9-11,  1 Timothy 1:12-17  “Strength for the Falls”

The promise of redemption if from Jesus himself.  People of faith are strengthened for the everyday “falls” that inevitably come.  Like physical fitness or a baby learning to walk, it is through our trials that we are strengthened in faith.  This gift from the Christ is for all who believe and for all who don’t.  We are all walking redemption’s path.

 September 18, 2016: 18th Sunday of Pentecost, Gideon’s Sunday with special offering.  1 Timothy 2:1-7  “Levelling Prayers” 

In the prayer closet, kings and paupers are judged the same.  This epistle is inviting us to seek God rather than asking God to seek us. How are we praying for our own spiritual formation?  How are we praying for our political and church leaders in their life’s seeking of God?

September 25, 2016: 19th Sunday of Pentecost.  Luke 17:5-10  “A starting place”

This service will be an old school revival Sunday and include our favorite “Methodist Roots” hymns in an upbeat and tradition filled worship experience! The vision of a victorious end is the start of all good journeys.  Where is our starting place in the Christian life?  The truth is that we have many starting placed in Christ.  It is a journey of many steps.  We don’t begin our life of salvation all mature and filled many answers.  We start at the foot of the cross with the harsh reality that we are not finished yet, we continue with the present reality that we don’t journey along, and we live for the completion of our journey with eternity in Christ.  That being said, how do we begin?


Coming Events:  Charge Conference! Fall Festival on October 15 and a celebration of our fund raiser on October 16!

Summer Sermons! July & August 2016

Following is our Cheatham Memorial UMC sermon Planner for July and August 2016.  Our church is open to anyone seeking to deepen their faith and take part in significant ministry as a way of life.  Our Motto is “WELCOME HOME” and we know our congregation to be about these three things:  Fist, our Mission:  Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World; second  our Vision: We are Christ’s Love in Action: Following Christ, Serving Others, Unifying the Church. And finally, Our motivation:  Loving God’s Word, Deepening the life of Prayer and developing ministering Skills.  For more information on how we do that, click here and check out our activities on the main website. 

July 3:  7th Sunday of Pentecost

Text:  Psalm 33:6-17, Philippians 3:17-21 “God Country”

We live in the greatest nation with the greatest faith, the largest economy and the greatest technology in the history of the world.  How did we get it and how do we keep it?  Things seem pretty uncertain and we desperately need to look for this answer!  Join us with a theological look at what it means to be a Christian in the USA today.

 July 10: 8th Sunday of Pentecost

Luke 10:25-37  “The very first Lawyer Joke”

There are many lawyer jokes but only one that I know of in the Bible and it comes from one of the best known of all of Jesus’ parables.  Which one?  Look it up and see.  Do you get the joke?  How does your, mine and our faiths fit together?

 July 17  Vacation Bible School Wrap Up Sunday

Luke 10:38-42  “Kids Remember What Grownups Forgot”

God speaks volumes through children.  If you want to know God-Sized answers to God-Sized questions you must take on the manner of a child.  What does that look like and how do I get it?

July 24  “Lawn Chair Worship Sunday”

Revival Theme.  The text will be announces later for this morning of fun, barbecue and praise.  Outside service at 9:00 AM followed by too much food and lots of music!  See the main website for details.

 July 31  Lawn Chair Sunday Rain out Day

Colossians 3:1-11 “You Find What You Look For”

August 7:  Youth Service at 10:00 and Youth Rally at 2:00

Youth Speaker

August 14:  Block Party Celebration

Hebrews 11”1-13  “A Love Song for the Vineyard”

I’m tired, where is the faith I need for today?  The church is a fertile vineyard and Christ loves his church.  Still, some days we fall short of Christ’s vision.  The fruit of His vineyard is faith and faith is the seed where that fruit begins.  We will discuss our every-day starting place to find and cast that faith for ourselves.

August 21:  Back to School Consecration Sunday

Jeremiah 1:4-10 “Only a Child can Know”

We think of children as needing our teaching but often they are the example of faith for us grown-ups.  Faith is supposed to grow in us and mature .  Not knowing how the things of faith work is not an excuse.  I our “not-Knowing” are the seeds of exciting spiritual formation.  How do we build and plant that necessary faith?

August 28 15th Sunday after Pentecost

Hebrews 13:1-16  “Hospitality’s Gift”

Our church knows what hospitality looks like and knows that it is a FAITH BUILDER!  We are very strong in opening our home to others.  What do we get out of it?  Is it ok if we get something out of it?  We will discuss that gift that we get in return regardless of what our guests leave behind.

Coming Events:  Gideon’s Sunday on September 18,  Fall Festival on October 14 and a celebration service on October 15


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June 2016 Sermons at Cheatham Memorial

compass of faith

The Cheatham Memorial Family invites you to join us for worship at 10:00 am each Sunday.  We have a variety of activities and service projects that you can check out at our WEBSITE!

Do you ever feel like you have lost direction?  We will discuss ways to “Face the Fire by Faith”.  What do I do with faith in a world that seems so random.   Transformation is a mystery that begins and ends with faith.  The fun stuff lies in the middle.  Find your way with us as we seek Christ together.

June 5:  The 3rd Sunday of Pentecost, Communion Sunday,

Text:  1 Kings 17:8-24 “Now What”

Transformation in the soul is built by our experiences in the day to day.  We need companions for the journey and our eye on God.  With each day’s ups and downs, let’s face it, faith can just be difficult.  And yet we grow through these experiences.


June 12: 4th Sunday of Pentecost. 

Text: Galatians 2:15-21,” Faith is Dead Right”

The way to faith is faith.  God is faithful to plant the seeds of faith within us and water them with our experiences. Faith expressed leads us to faith experienced.   “Paul speaks of what kind of sinner he is and asks, “what kind of sinner are you?”


 June 19: 5th Sunday of Pentecost, Father’s Day

Text Luke 8:26-39  “Hey, those are my pigs!”

A dad’s promise does not come from a perfect life but by following a perfect Jesus.  Faith opens our eyes to our own brand of distress and randomness.  Rather than excuse our lives as “Just the way it is”, a new way is given, by faith, to all who will fearlessly face the challenge.


 June 26:  6th Sunday of Pentecost

Text:  2 Kings 2:1-14  “Pass it on”

Faith is not a possession to hold but one to nurture and pass on.  Our companions in life feed our faith but also depend on us to build them up too.  Leadership is successful when we let god and watch another grow.


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May 2016 sermons at Cheatham Memorial UMC

The Cheatham Memorial Family invites your to a brand new year of Spiritual Growth in Jesus Christ?  We worship at 10:00 AM each Sunday with activities for disciples of all ages and places.  The Theme for May is preparation for Pentecost and titled, “God Led Change” and focuses on spiritual unity and prayers of discernment. Mother’s day is May 2016

Check out our website for more information about our ministry

May 1: The 6th Sunday of Easter, Communion Sunday,
Text: Acts 5:17-40, “ The First Church of the Cup Holder”
The question is asked, will we attend a church where we aren’t in control. The answer is yes because control is illusion to we who are in Christ. Discernment and not management are the goals for Christian living and the peace that it provides.

May 8: Mother’s Day and the 7th Sunday of Easter. Prayers for General Conference
Text: John 14 23-29 “ ‘Cause Momma Says…”
Discernment is obedience, Obedience requires Discernment. True peace in our childhood came when we did what our parents said to do. However, that came with the comfort in knowing, even when we did not show it, that they wanted only what was best for us. Our heavenly father operates in that same loving way and is worthy of our trust. We will follow someone or something in our daily living. God offers a peace that we cannot find anywhere else.

Text Acts 2:1-21, “The Pouring”
You cannot discern what God wants apart from the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit IS God. Pentecost is not the beginning of the Holy Spirit but the pouring of that precious facet of God into the Church.

May 22: Trinity Sunday
Text: Romans 5:1-5, “Produce the proper Produce”
Faith is where the life in Christ starts. The produce is character that proclaims truth and spreads the message of eternal hope. The Holy Trinity is merely a framework of understanding. How scary it is to pray for faith though! Faith is access, the open door and worth the risk

May 29: Memorial Day Weekend, Annual Conference Kick off
Text : Galatians 1:1-12 “Winning”
Half of the struggle in Discerning God’s will for our lives is knowing what a “win” is. What is the goal line of the life in faith, What is a win for the church. Where is the win for our lives? Our congregation? Our Conference? Jesus has a direct and final answer!

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The April 2016 Sermon Schedule

April brings the spring  and a newness to our faith journeys.  Easter has given us the faith of an empty tomb!  These scriptures have been chosen to reflect the four gifts of the cross-the final point of our Lenten sermons.  Forgiveness, Righteousness, Faith-Sight, and Ministry are given to us at the cross and lived in the resurrection in everyday life.  These gifts are for the here and now as well as the hereafter.  Come and join us in worship!  For more details check us out at

April 3:  The second Sunday of the Easter Season  “Every Eye” Revelation 1:4-8

The first gift of the cross is that of a Jesus focused sight.  In Christ we simply see things differently.  The tomb is empty and is the bedrock of the Christian’s faith.  It is a place of victory and eternity rather than a place of death and finality.   Seeing our everyday with the focus of Jesus makes for healthier and eternal living.


April 10:  The third Sunday of the Easter Season  “Right Away”  Acts 9:1-20

The second gift of the cross is the forgiven life.  With our ransom paid at the cross we live with the righteousness of Jesus as our guide and goal.  By faith through Jesus’ gift to us we have this righteousness!  It is a responsibility as well as a privilege!  Living out of Jesus’ righteous freedom makes for healthier and eternal living.

April 17:  The fourth Sunday of the Easter Season  “Healing Right Away”   Acts 9:36-43

Jesus is still in the healing business but not always in the way that we imagine it should be.  The final gifts of the cross are being forgiven and made worthy for ministry.  Peter had denied Jesus and squandered many opportunities for faith.  Yet, this story show him to be used of God for a dramatic healing event.  Being healed of our sin puts us in a position to minister in a way that makes for healthier and eternal living

April 24:  The fifth Sunday of the Easter Season “Laity in Ministry Sunday”

Our lay leadership, with Judi Yarbrough bringing the message, will share our ministry from the last year  in pictures, word and song. This will be an exciting service of praise for the shared ministry of Cheatham Memorial UMC!

See you Sundays at 10:00!


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