Want a GODWORD to wake up your morning?

A GODWORD is a guide word.  When reinforced by scripture it becomes a touchstone that puts life back into focus at the scattered moments of my day. My word usually come from some tragic error, another person’s experience or an overwhelming joy from the previous day. 

 About 6:30, I take my day to Jesus Christ and seek that GODWORD in prayer and scripture.   You are invited to share the word that guides my day by text/SMS. The text will be sent around 8:00 each morning. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE BIBLE PASSAGE. I use the Bible Gateway app . 

This text devotional began with my family at Cheatham Memorial UMC in Edgewood Texas. Anyone wishing to receive them can email me their cell number at revavanhooser@aol.com.  This is a private list. 

Family!  If you ever wish to be removed from the list, simply contact me and I will take you off without comment at any time. 

The format is simple.  The text will claim a promise, share a verse and offer a blessing. It might even be a picture instead of words. 

The purpose is to connect my day with friends and be held accountable to a daily discipline.  Comments are welcome at this site. 

Thanks for being my fellow traveler in Christ. Please share your GODWORD and other scriptures that give you focus in a comment below.  


3 thoughts on “Want a GODWORD to wake up your morning?

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