Monday School!”Coping with Christmas”


Every person and family has two basic personalities.  The first is our normal everyday one and the second is our personality under stress. Distress is not mandatory but even in the best of days, the holiday season amps up the stress and heightens emotion.  Our last Monday School offering for the year will offer some scriptural encouragement.  Here are our topics.

This group is informal and provides a group discussion with the goal of identifying Scriptural answers to the questions that we have surrounding  stress at the holidays.

Sessions run from 6-7:30 and is valuable even if you miss  a class.  Bring a bible and a pen.  A brief study guide will be provided to write on.

Monday, November 30: ” Inlaws and Outlaws”  Coping With Identity from Matthew 20:20-28

Monday, December 7:  “Working the Steps”  Coping with Conflict from Matthew 18:15-35

Monday December 14: “Christian Anxiety”  Coping with Stress from  John 14 and  Philippians 4

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