November 2015 Sermon chedule: Cheatham Memorial United UMC Edgewood Texas

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The Cheatham Memorial Family invites your to warm up your faith for fall with us.  Watch our website for our many worship, learning, service and fellowship activities!  Here are our offerings for November.  If you are viewing this from far away,  Check out our Smart phone Bible study BEFORE the sermon and the Sermon briefs as a follow up after the sermon!

November 1:  All Saint’s Sunday  Text: John 11:32-44 “What We are Born for”

This will be a service of healing and remembrance.  We can offer anointing and additional prayer along with communion and other acts of worship. We will explore the question, “What does it mean to live a daily resurrection?  It means that death does not get the final word.  Death teaches us the importance of living

November 8: Pentecost 24  Text Hebrews 9:24-28  “Done”

We will explore the fact that we die twice.  Once to Jesus and once to eternal life.  Jesus’ work at the cross finished our salvation once and for all

November 15: Pentecost 25  Text: Mark 13:1-8  “Church isn’t a church isn’t at Church”

We are the visible church and not our buildings.  How do we real-ize our faith both for ourselves and others.

November 22: Christ the King Sunday  Text Revelation 1:4b-8 “The King Chooses you”

We are chosen for great things but we nee to choose the King who chose us before time before we accomplish them.  A thanksgiving theme.

The Theme for Advent is centered around 5 questions “Did you know…..?

November 29:  The First Sunday of Advent “HOPE”  Text Luke 21:25-36 “Shaking it UP”    Did you know Jesus is coming?  More to come on our Advent worship!!!!!

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